Friday, December 12, 2008

Chapter 31

1. Comment on the way the narrator (Scout) summarizes earlier events and characters to show their significance. Refer to events and characters that include Boo Radley, Jem, Atticus, and the neighbourhood as a whole.

2. Do you believe the conclusion of the story to be a good or poor way to end the novel? Explain.


Daniel said...


Scout summarizes earlier events and charecters to show their significance by putting the events in order from the beginning of the book to the end. For example, when she said that Boo Radley put all the items in the tree hat happened closer to the beginning of the book. Also she states a something Atticus said which happened closer to the middle of the story.


I believe the conclusion of the story story to be a poor one because the author only introduces Boo Radley as a real charecter in the last chapter and she also does not go on about him in real detail.

Mitch said...

Question #2

I think the author did a poor job in the ending because she only introduced boo radley as the character, not the myth. I think she should of dont that earlier in the book. I like the ending on how Bob died. It was kind of predictable, but it was a good twist for the end.

Rida said...

1)Scout summarizes earlier events and charactersto show their significance by talking about the past few seasons, what happened in those seasons and how the children felt about it."Winter,and his children shivered at the front gate,silhouettd against a blazing house.Winter,and a man walked into the street,dropped his glasses,and shot a dog.Summer,and he watched his children's heart break.Autumn again,and Boo's children needed him."(Lee 279)I think that the whole neighbourhood and community has changed quite a bit.When Miss.Maudie;s house caught on fire and Boo put the blanket on Scout, she was terrifed, but now she is able to face him and escort him to his house as well.She has realized that Boo is a "Mockingbird" and does not harm anybody.Atticus has influenced others including Jem,he has also opened the minds of others in the community.Scout and Jem have both learned to only judge a person until you have climbed into their skin and walked around in it, and not being a predjudice.

Emilyn said...

1. Scout summarizes earlier events and characters in the book by retelling some of the events in order from begging to end, by seasons in which the main events occured. Scout saw things the way Boo Radly saw things and she walked in someone else shoes. Everything that happend over the years became clear to Scout, she matured.

j u l i a said...


This is more of an opinion question so this is my opinion. I thought that the ending of the book was good. I really liked how Boo Radley sugnificance was shown throughout the story and now you finally get to see him. I never really liked Bob Ewell becasue of what he did to Tom Robinson and becasue he attacked Scout and Jem(which was very unessisary) so i wanted him to learn his lesson but i think the being killed was a little extreme. But i'm glad that he got what he deserved.

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