Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chapter 23 Questions

1) How did Bob Ewell confront Atticus? How did Atticus react? What does Atticus' reaction reveal about his character?

2) Identify evidence in the story that reveals that Scout is naive and childlike and Jem is more mature and adult-like in his understanding of people.


big baller said...

1) Mr. Ewell started threatiening Atticus (to kill him), spat on him and cursed at him with words that Miss Stephanie thought "wild horses could not bring her to repeat." Atticus however didn't "bat an eye and just took out his handkerchief and wipe his face" basically meaning that he took everything Mr. Ewell said with no physical reaction. This reaction reveals that Atticus is a very patient person but also very wise for seeing this coming from Mr. Ewell.

2) Jem sees connections in social classes between the Ewells, the Cunninghams, people like him and black people(the four types of people Jem believes are in Maycomb County). On the other hand, Scout misses these connections and just sees people as being equal no matter what their backgrounds or family history are.

j u l i a said...
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j u l i a said...

Chapter 23
Question 2)

In the story, it reveals that Scout is naive because she misses the social connections between the Ewells, the Cunninghams, white people and African Americans. She just sees them as being treated equal no matter what their background is, when they are not be treated equally. Just because everyone thought that Tom Robinson was the one who "raped" Mayella Ewell, doesn't mean that any other African American of even Helen Robinson should be treated unfairly. Jem and on the other hand, can identify these connections and realizes that the four different types of people living in Maycomb, Alabama are not all being treated equally.

Karleigh said...

1. Mr.Ewell confronted Atticus by threatening to kill him. He then spat on him and cursed him with phrases and words Miss. Stephanie Crawford thought "wild horses could not bring her to repeat." Miss. Stephine said that Atticus didn't bat an eye and simply took out his handkerchief and wiped his face. He stood there and let Mr.Ewell call him names and curse at him. Mr. Ewell then asked Atticus "Too proud to fight, you nigger-lovin' bastard?" Atticus said "No too old," put his hands in his pockets, and walked along. This shows that Atticus has a good temper because some people would not be able to stand there and take that from someone and simply walk away. He was probably expecting some retaliation from Mr. Ewell in some way and was prepared for the worst. He has a lot of integrity because he did not lower himself to Mr.Bob Ewell's level. Atticus put himself in Mr. Ewell's shoes and understood why he was reacting in that manner. Atticus is being a very good role model for Scout, Jem and even Dill, because he has had no real father, by showing them how to have self discipline and that it is better to respond to violence with a peaceful act in some cases.

Ben said...

1) Mr Bob Ewell had confronted Atticus in a very harsh way. He had threatened to kill Atticus because he was standing up for a Black man's rights, despite what the community belief was. Bob Ewell was cussing and speaking harsh words to Atticus,and he spat on him. Atticus kept his cool , and didn't rebel. Because Atticus was did the right thing and didn't retaliate this shows that he is a very calm and relazed and has an easy temper when it comes to others yelling and screaming.