Friday, December 12, 2008

Chapter 27

1. Identify three threats that Bob Ewell allegedly makes against some Maycomb townspeople.


Santhya said...

One of the three threats that Bob Ewell allegedly makes against some Maycomb townspeople is that he accuses Atticus for "getting" his job, after he lost his job at WPA. Then, Aunt Alexandra says that she thinks Bob Ewell was the one who broke into Judge Taylor's house. Also Bob Ewell follows Helen Robinson and whispers foul words at her, when she walks to Mr.Links Deas place. Aunt Alexandra also points out that Bob Ewell has a grudge against everyone connected with Tom Robinson's case.

MADIEE :) said...

1. Bob Ewell made multiple threats to the people of Maycomb but he made three directed at certain people. One of the threats was put towards Atticus for "getting" Bob Ewell's job at the WPA after he was fired for being lazy. I also predicted that Bob Ewell was the one who broke into Judge Taylor's house. The last threat was towards Helen Robinson, as Bob Ewell followed her to work and whispered foul comments behind her back as she walked. Aunt Alexandra points out that Bob Ewell has been holding grudges against everyone that was part of Tom Robinson's trial.

Nadya said...

Bob Ewell had allegedly made threats to the Maycomb townspeople that participated in the case of Tom Robinson. Particularly, Bob believed that the people who had made a mockery of him and his reputation, were treating him with injustice because he was a 'honest man' who deserved to make a living, when in fact he was just pointing the finger at someone else for his crime.
These included three particular people: Atticus Finch, Judge Taylor, and Helen Robinson.
Bob was upset about losing his job and blamed Atticus on the illegid injustice of being fired, not because he was lazy, but because he was an honest man. He obscurely muttered about the bastard to the welfare lady weekly, when receiving his check.
The second bastard was Judge Taylor, who had apparently made a mockery of Bob, when he was on the stand, by looking at him as if he was a 'three-legged chicken or a square egg', because he did not believe Bob was being honest. This motivated Bob to break into Taylor's house during Sunday night church hour, when neither the guess nor the host were expecting each other. When Taylor went to investigate the apparent 'irritating scratching noise', he noticed his screen door was left swinging open at the rear of the house.
The final thing happened to Helen Robinson. Being the wife of the defendant, who was brave enough to stand up to Bob and prove him wrong, was 'chunked' at, by Bob whenever she passed by his house on the way to work. After being threatened by Mr, Link Deas to stop his harassment, Bob followed Helen and crooned foul words, but backed down after being threatened again to go to court.

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