Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chapter 15 Questions

1) Describe Jem's behaviour when he confronts Atticus at the jailhouse and also meets a mob of hostile men.

2) Describe Scout's behaviour in the setting mentioned above.


Warren said...

1) Jems behaviour was scared when he found atticus at the jailhouse reading a newspaper. He was also nervous that he would get caught sneaking out to see what atticus was up to, and where he was going. when Schout ran up to try and defend atticus so he doesnt get hurt, Jem is angry and kind of scared to get in trouble. He was also scared when the man in the mob lifted him up. He was also curious to know why the men from the mob were there.

2) Scouts behaviour was angry that the mob was talking to atticus when atticus already told them what they want is not in that jailhouse and was threatning him when they told him to get rid of the kids. Scout was curious why Mr.Cunningham was not answering her about knowing her and her knowing his son. Scout was also angrey when the men picked up jem off the ground so she kicked im a little to high above the shin.

Shuaib said...

1) Jems reaction to Atticus being inside the jailhouse was that he was confused as well as scared. After sneaking out of the house to see what Atticus was up to Jem was afraid of getting caught for sneaking out of the house by Atticus.
When Atticus was met the mob of hostile men Jem was scared to see Atticus get hurt by the bob Jem was also angry, Schout ran up to defend Atticus. Jem was scared also when the man in the mob lifted Atticus up in the air. Both of the children wanted to know why the mob was there especially Jem.

sara said...
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sara said...

. Jem was very scared, curious and worried when he saw Atticus in the jail cell. when Atticus left the house late at night with the car Jem was very curious as to where he was going. Because of his curiousity Jem snunk out of the house to see what Atticus was up to and was scared of getting caught. when Atticus was visited by the hostile men and one of then pick Jem up by his collar he was frightened. He was very worried about Atticus.

Georgia said...

2. Scout felt embarassed because she ran into a crowd of people that she thought she knew from the night before but she realized she didn't know them. Scout also becomes angry when the man picks up Jem by the collar. To punish the man, Scout goes to kick him in the shin but she realized she hit higher then she expected. She also becomes angry and curios when Mr. Cunnigham doesnt respond to her when she's talking to him about Walter and being politie. As soon as Scout realizes that everyone has turned around to look at her she becomes embarassed agai.

Kate C said...

Chapter #15
Question #2,

Scout acted very bravely and kind; she talks to Mr. Cunningham in an everyday voice.
Scout was very wise to change the topic of why the mob of men were at the jail house talking to Atticus.

lee woo said...

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