Friday, December 12, 2008

Chapter 26

1. Identify at least one example that Scout is growing up and maturing and one example that Jem is growing up and maturing.

2. Why is it hypocritical of Miss Gates to teach a lesson on Hitler's persecution of the Jews?


Fatcheeks said...

1)An example of Scout growing and maturing was when Jem and Scout passed the Radley house everyday, and Scout stopped being scared of him, even though she still wanted to see him. An example of Jem maturing was when he showed his chest hair, and he said he would try out for the football team. He also takes up the responsibility of keeping Scout on the right track.

2) It is hypocritical because the same thing is happening with black people. They are treating them unfairly, for example when Tom Robinson got sentenced for not doing a crime.

shuaib said...

This is hypocritical because the people of maycomb were treating the black people the same way Hitler was about to do with all the Jews in Germany. The people of maycomb are treating the black people unfairly, an example of this is when Tom Robinson gets sentenced for a crime he didn't do but the jury knew that he was not guilty but because of the colour of his skin the said that he was giulty.

Peter said...

2) Scout had allegedly overheard Miss Gates insulting the coloured community of Maycomb to Miss Stephanie Crawford after the trial. During her lecture in Scout's class, Miss Gates had stated that they were a democracy, and all had equal rights, but Germany was a dictatorship being run by Hitler. However, the Maycomb community seems to put down coloured community the way that Adolf Hitler does.Now, Miss Gates seems to support and be against the acts of Hitler, making the her thoughts for this matter unknown to the reader.