Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chapter 17 Questions

1) Describe Tom Robinson's alleged crime, as told by Bob Ewell and Heck Tate.

2) What evidence does Atticus reveal about Bob Ewell that may find him guilty of Tom Robinson's alleged crime?

3) Characterize Bob Ewell (describe his actions, language/speech, and other people's points of view).


Teodor said...

1. Tom Robinson's alleged crime is that he raped Bob Ewell's daughter Mayella.

2. Atticus reveals that Bob Ewell is left-handed. This helps to find that he may be guilty of Tom Robinson's crime because Mayella was described by both Heck Tate and Bob Ewell to be bruised on the right side of her face and a left-handed person would be more likely to have done it.

3) Bob Ewell was seen to be very ignorant. When the judge spoke to him, he wouldn't listen, and just repeat what he would do . In addition to this he is also an attention seeker.He always tries to make the audience laugh. His language isn't very good. He uses many slang words. The audience mostly doesn't appreciate his ignorance and his attempts to try to be funny but laughed sometimes at what he said.

Cody said...
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Cody said...

Question #1

Tom Robinson was accuesd of raping Mayella Ewell. Heck Tate explains what happens from when he arrived. Mayella was crying and very beat up, with bruises all over her body and a black eye on her right eye. Bob Ewell explains how he heard someone screaming from the house and ran in to see what had happened. He saw Mayella on the floor crying and screaming and Tom Robinson Take off. He chased Tom Robinson and then went to get Heck Tate. He agreed with everything that Heck Tate said.

Brandon said...

Bob Ewell is the antaginist in the story. He speaks with alot of slang and compared to Atticus who speaks proper english. He also acks like he is a lot better then the blacks.

KCSS said...

1. answer

Alex L. said...

3)I would best describe Bob Ewell as obnoxious. He does not listen to other people in maycome and does not treat them with respect becasue he calls them names.

Bob Ewell is also a compulsive liar. He doesn't tell the truth often and when he does it is usually stretched. When he said "' i agree with everything mr. tate said.'" i think that he lied becasue he did not want to say something different then mr. tate.

chinese is too cool said...

1) Tom Robinson is supposedly guilty of raping Bob Ewell's daughter, Mayella.

2) Atticus reveals that Bob Ewell is left handed. This is significant because most of Mayella Ewell's injuries were on the right side of her face. This would suggest that the person who hurt her was left-handed.

3) Bob Ewell is a rude, good-for-nothing man who abuses his daughter and likes to drink. Mr Ewell was disrespectful to nearly everyone else present in the courtroom as he used obscenities and slang in his speech. He certainly lived up to his reputation of being "white trash" and even mocked his own lawyer, calling him "cap'n" and not talking his questions seriously. Mr Ewell and his family "lived as guests" in their own country. Maycomb is accustomed to turning a blind eye to the Ewells habits, for example, the Ewell children are exempted from school and Mr Ewell is allowed to hunt out of season. They are the scum of the white society and they live in a dirty, run-down cabin behind the town garbage dump.