Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chapter 8 Questions

1. Identify at least two details in this chapter that reveal the setting (time period and place) of this novel.

2. Why is Jem's snowman creation so unacceptable to both Atticus and Miss Maudie?

3. What does the fire at Miss Maudie's house reveal about the people living in Alabama in the 1930s?


hhoolllyyy. said...

1. In chapter 8, it reveals that in Maycomb County it was very cold weather, and snowy. On page 85 it stated how Atticus said it was the coldest weather since 1885 and the "experienced prophets" turned autumn to winter. Also, on page 86, Scout woke up screaming "The world's endin' Atticus! Please do something - !" He replied, "No it's not, it's snowing." This weather was very shocking for the people in Maycomb County. I know this because Atticus said that he didnt' know anything about snow more then Jem did. It also proves this point when school was cancelled, since it had not snowed in that town since 1885.

Calvin said...

1. The main description of the setting in chapter 8 is in the first couple of paragraphs. The book makes a lot of description to how it was one of the coldest winters since 1885 and how the kids (Jem and Scout) did not know what snow was and even thought the world was ending. This also describes how winter usually is (since they are not used to snow it is obviously not as cold during the winter months compared to Canada).

2. The snow man is unacceptable to Atticus because it looks so much like Mr. Avery. He thought that Mr. Avery would not like the similarities. However, Atticus is impressed with the effort they put into it and allows them to disguise the snowman. The problem is that Jem takes Miss Maudie's hat and hedge clippers to use and Miss Maudie starts "fussing" about him taking her things.

3. The fire reveals a couple of things about living in Alabama in the 1930's. The first obvious thing is that all the neighbors were helping and going in and out of Miss Maudie's house. Today this would probably not happen. Neighbors may help but outside of the house for the most part. Also it is obvious that a fire protection program is not as solid as it would be right now. I can tell this because of all the problems they were having pushing the truck and hooking up water. However, part of the problem was the cold making things difficult. The thing I thought was both different from now and surprising was that everyone was carrying out furniture from the house. Today furniture and personal possesions are almost never taken out of the house, especially not rocking chairs and mattresses. It is obvious overall that it was more up to the neighbors then the fire department and that safety rules were not as thought of.

Sarah said...

3) The fire at Miss Maudie's house reveals that the people in Maycomb are very carring and helpful. The people have a very close community and always help eachother out when someone in Maycomb is having a hard time.

Terry Troy said...

The snowman was a mockery of Mr. Avery. It was quite rude of Jem to form a reproduction someone in the manner he did, and it was for that reason both Atticus and Ms. Maudie found it appalling and unacceptable.

sara said...

1.One detail in chapter 8 that revealed the setting was the fact that Atticus says that it was one of the coldest days since 1885. The kids did not even know how to make a snowman and they thought the world was ending when they saw the snow. Another detail in the chapter that reavels the setting was the fact that they used fire or a candles instead of a heater. I know this becasue Miss Maudie house burned down because she had a fire on to keep her warm in her house.