Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chapter 18 Questions

1) Characterize Mayella on the witness stand. Remember, characterization includes personality traits, actions, thoughts/feelings, language/speech, and other people's points of view. What are your opinions of her? Explain.

2) Comparison: How are Mayella and her father similar? Contrast: How are they different?

3) How does Mayella incriminate her father on the witness stand? Why does this help Tom Robinson's case?


Maria said...

1)Mayella was described as being ignorant on the witness stand, answering questions that seemed one sided. Her actions seemed very deceiving, for instance one moment she was crying and the next moments she was furious. She seemed to think that Atticus was mocking her by the way he was talking to her, she felt hatred against him, but she also had feared him. He seemed to intimadate her with his presence. She spoke with very simple vocabulary, and was poorly educated since she had never completed her education. Scout's point of view of Mayella was that she came across as being fragile but as she sat in the witness chair she had looked more like a stalky girl that seemed to do alot of had work. My opinion of Mayella is that I feel that she should tell the truth and tell the judge who really raped her to bring the accused to justice. I feel this way because I think it is wrong to blame someone else for something that they actually didn't commit.

2)Mayella and her father are similar because they both seem to be attention seekers thriving on constant attention. They are different because Mr.Ewell is agressive and is the most domanant, whereas Mayella just wants attention for compagnionship.

3)Mayella seems to incriminate her father on the witness stand by saying that Tom Robinson had raped her and then left her there on the floor, whereas Mr.Ewell stated that he had saw Tom beating at his daughter and he had ended up chasing him away. This helps Tom Robinson's case because Atticus has found a flaw in Mr.Ewell and Mayella's story. This flaw could bring the case to an ending.

Katie said...
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Katie said...

Question #3
Mayella incriminates her father on the witness stand by a few reasons:
-She had said that Tom had left her lying on the ground and after Bob Ewell had found her he asked her who did it. Meanwhile her father had said that he had seen Tom raping her.
-She hesitates when Atticus asks her if her father has ever touched or beaten her.
-She also doesn't answer when Atticus asks her some questions about the fact that she said she was screaming, yet no one heard her until afterwards (once Bob came).
These reasons incriminate Bob Ewell because in some cases, there are parts that don't relate.


1) Mayella is a being a bit of a annoyance and a bit ignorant. She is acting as if Atticus is makeing fun of her and that he is mocking her. When ever Atticus asks her a hard question which she will lie about, she will cry and whine to the judge. She is not a well educated girl and cannot speak good as well. Her view is only one sided only what her father said. She is not telling the truth.

I think that she is lying about everything but she does not want to admit it because she is afraid that her dad may go to jail and also that she may go to.

Alex L. said...

2)Mayella and father are similar because they dislike people, are uneducated, and they both don't like to take orders from people.
They are diffrent because Mayella never seems to be sure and Mr. Ewell thinks he is always right. Also, he is a filthy man that drinks and Mayella can take care of herself better.

Kira said...
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Kira said...

Mayella incriminates her father by saying that Tom Robinson raped her and than left her on the floor, but Bob Ewell stated that he was beating Mayella and had to chase Tom out of the house.
Also when Atticus asks Mayella if her father has ever beaten her, Mayella hesitates before answering.
This helps Tom's case because Mayella's and Bob's stories dont match. This flaw might cause the case to come to a close.

Mitch said...

Question #1

Mayella can be described as dis-honest, rude, and some what sketchey. Her actions were odd because she would cry one minute and the next she would be yelling at the judge, Atticus, or Tom Robinson. Mayella thought that Atticus was mocking her by the way he asked her the questions. It also seemed that Atticus scared Mayella which caused Mayella to hate him. Mayella had littl vocabulary because she did not have a very good education. She did not believe school was important.She used little sentances like "I most certainly did". Scouts point of view of Mayella is being very emotional at first, but later in the court case she seemed to be a very muscular girl who did all the work at home. My opinions of Mayella is that she says things just to get the black community in trouble. I think she should just tell the truth. In the end i believe Mayella is a dis-honest, mean, self-centered person.

DanielJ said...
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DanielJ said...

2. Mayella and her father are similar in some ways, such as being hesitant when Atticus asked them questions. However when Mr Gilmer, the prosecutor asked them questions, they were able to answer his questions quickly with ease. Also, both Mayella and Bob Ewell seemed to not like Atticus. They have a good reason to why they do not like Atticus, and that is because Atticus thinks that the Ewells are purposely trying to blame Tom Robinson on beating up Mayella and raping her.
Mayella and her father are different too. Mayella would panic sometimes when Atticus asked her questions but Bob Ewell did not. He remained calm, even when he didn't know what he was doing.