Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chapter 20 Questions

1) How does Atticus' closing statement help his defendant, Tom Robinson? How does his closing statement hurt his defendant?

2) How do you think the jury will react to Atticus' closing statement? Explain your reasoning.


daniel said...

1. Atticuses finishing statement helps his defendent by telling the jury that there was no medical evidence of the crime and it was presented by 2 unreliable witnesses and the the prosicuter was lonely and unhappy so she was probaly looking to get attention.

2. I think the jury won't give the defendent justice because almost evryone in the town was racist and will probally do anything to get them killed or in jail and wil belive anyting about black people if it is told by a white person.

Emilyn said...

Atticus's extremly long and profound closing statement helped his defedant Tom Robinson by telling the gentlemen of the jury that "all men are created equal" and that Tom should be treated fairly because he's a human being just like everyone else. Atticus also proved to the jury that the Ewell's and Heck Tate didn't have enough evidence to convict Tom Robinson and that their testimonys didn't make sense when put together. In some ways Atticus closing statement hurts his defendant Tom Robinson, when Atticus starts saying Meyella threw herself at Tom. I think this hurts Tom because he knows the jury won't believe what Atticus is trying to prove.

Sarah said...

2. The jury will have some compassion for Tom Robinson but for the sake of the rules in society they will charge him as guilty because a white mans word over powers a black mans word.