Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chapter 4 Questions

1. What risky behaviour do Scout and Jem engage in?

2. Why do the children make Boo's story into a game?

3. How does Atticus react to the game? What does his reaction tell us about his character?

4. Identify at least two slang word/phrases appropriate to the 1930's in Maycomb Alabama. Translate these words/phrases into today's language.


the x said...

the x-man,Chapter 4 question# 1)The risky behaviour that scout and jem participate in is taking the little box with the pennies out of the oak tree in front of the radely place. this behavour is risky because they dont know whoes they are, and if they are safe.

Catherine :D said...

Chapter 4 question # 2) -Jem made Boo's story in to a game to show Scout that he is not afraid of Radleys.
-Scout starts palying the game with Jem only because she doesn't want Jem & Dill to think she is a "girl".
-Dill playes this game because he wants to be with Jem and Scout, and he is inturusted in Boo's story and wants to know more about them.

Leona said...

Chapter 4 Question #1 I agree with the x
The risky behaviour that scout and jem paticipate in taking the litle box of pennies out of the oak tree in front of the house. I also don't think it is right for scout to take the gum from the tree because she doesn't know where it has been or who put the gunm there.

Question #2
I agree with Catherine :D with her answer for number 2. Also they made up this game because they were bored of the other games they were playing.

Question #3
Atticus reacts to the game,by knowing what game they are playing by the way the kids are acting. This reaction tells us that Atticus is smarter then I thought he was.

Question #4
Some stang words or phrases are:
chewin'= chewing
reckon= to count on

Kate C said...
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kirisa said...

Chapter 4 question 2)
Jem, Scout and Dill are just kids who are creative. The stories they heard about the Radley's Place have always been interesting ones and Jem wanted to show he wasn't affraid. Playing the game gave the kids a feeling of excitement because the story kind of scared them and gave them a sence of adventure. They were also able to make up some of the story and use their creativity because most of the story of the Radleys and what went on in the house was based on gossip and rumors; no one knew what actually happened.

Kate C said...

Chapter #4
Question #3,

Atticus reacted to the game by staying calm but at the same time, he was very disappointed in the game the children chose to play.

The way Atticus reacted to the game, tells us that he is very polite, courteous, respectful and understanding.

He respects and understands peoples feelings and privacy.

Julia C said...

Chapter #4
Question #4

Some slang words or phrases in the novel To Kill A Mockingbird are:

yawl hush- everyone be quiet

suckin'- sucking

chewin'- chewing

Alex L. said...

Kassie Burtt
1) Jem and Scout participate in risky behavior by finding gum and other objects in the knot hole in the oak tree and decide to take them. Jem thinks it is a bad idea at first but then he decides that it looks pretty safe.

Cristina said...

1. The risky behaviour Scout and Jem engage in is when Scout finds a tree on her way home from school and finds tin foil inside of it with lots of gum. She then takes it home and when Jem finds out, he is not pleased. When Scout shows Jem later, he finds 2 very old Indian coins and more gum, he takes it home. This is risky because the tree where this was found was on the Radley’s property.

Nikki said...

The children got bored with acting out books and movies, so they decided to abt out Boo's life. This game was also created by Jem so then he could show Scout that he is not afraid of Boo.