Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chapter 19 Questions

1) How does Tom Robinson's testimony help his case? How does this testimony hurt his case?

2) Which characters have courage to break society's code of ethics for this setting? Explain their courageous acts.


Cristina said...

1) Tom Robinson's testimony helps his case because he explains that he has very good intentions and wouldn't hurt anyone. This shows the Judge that he is innocent, and shouldn't be charged with this accusation.

Tom Robinson's testimony doesn't help his case because it proves that he was at Mayella's house and that she tried to touch him. This doesn't help him when Tom is trying to plead guilty at all.

kirisa said...

Question #2)
The most obvious person who shows their courage to break society’s code of ethics in this setting is Atticus. There are many times when this is exemplified by Atticus just defending Tom Robinson and doing his job. Tom is also being courageous by saying that Mayella kissed him and implying that Bob, Mayella and Mr. Tate were not being truthful. He does this even though he is hesitant because he knows that the majority of the town is against him and it could possibly be dangerous for him, his family and even Atticus. Near the end of the chapter, Dill expresses how the way Mr. Gilmer was treating Tom made him sick and it wasn’t fair. Mr. Dolphus Raymond agrees with Dill showing he may not be as cruel as he originally appeared to be.

Nikki said...

In this chapter, Atticus has obviously showed courage against this society's code of ethics, just by defending Tom Robinson, and giving him a fair trial, and not judging him because of the colour of his skin and also the fact that people will judge him for defending a black man.

Another character that has shown great courage in this chapter is Tom Robinson himself, by telling everyone in the courtroom that Mayella was trying to kiss him. This is very brave due to the fact that most of the people in that courtroom are against him, and that they won't believe him, and defiantly will not like the things that he is saying that Mayella did.

And the last character that I thought broke society's code of ethics with his courage is Mr. Link Deas. He did this by standing up for Tom Robinson, even though he is black. He did this by raising up in the middle of the courtroom and announcing that Tom Robinson is a good man and he never causes any trouble.